A Trip to the Dentist

This is on my “Top 10 Things I Dread” list. When the throbbing toothache came, I did not suspect I would have a new crown and have spent $1200, all by noon the next day.

But to my surprise, my costly trip to the dentist turned out to be quite enjoyable, thank God. He is so into the little things.
First I asked for a neck pillow to create my relaxing spa space. As I sat in the chair waiting for my mouth to numb, I decided to enjoy God right then and there in the messy middle of life.
I began praising God (not outloud) and asking Him to help me make this time count for Him. Then I opened my prayer app on my iPhone and prayed for everyone on it.
When the dentist started drilling, I started singing a song of praise, aware that God heard me, even though my mouth was otherwise occupied. I thanked God for springtime, family, friends, and a sprinkling of His 1000s of blessings for the day.
I purposely focused on Him instead of my surroundings, i.e. the dentist. I took note that others had gone through pain and suffering far more challenging than this-my sister Pam and her bout with chemo, and my sister Becky for sure. Then I considered Jesus. Thank you, Lord. This isn’t so hard.
So I just relaxed and enjoyed God. I embraced life just as it was. The 2 1/2 hours flew by – it seemed like 15 minutes. Seriously. God is so good. Why don’t I focus on Him and ask for help more often?
Last night I began worrying and complaining to myself about the $1200 we’d just spent (might have said “wasted”)
Then I sensed God ‘s Spirit within asking me, “Would you be worried if you had plenty of money? ”
Me: “No if we had lots of money, I wouldn’t be worried at all. It would be fine.”
God: “Then relax. I’ve told you that you would have more than enough for your lifetime. So trust me. I’ve got it.”
Me: “I do trust you God. Help me trust you more. ”
And again I relaxed and focused on His faithfulness, even thanking Him for dentists who keep our teeth going strong. I went back to fixing dinner, no longer anxious, even smiling.
I am still learning to turn my focus on God 24-7 even after a lifetime living with Him and remembering…God is good all the time.

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