20,000 Days Together

20,000 Days Together —Don and I have reached another milestone. doncathyMost people celebrate the years, but aren’t the days really what count? Some days Don and I seem to finally be getting the hang of it. We enjoy each other more than ever, keenly aware that another day together is a gift and not a given. Others, not so much. There have countless good days and a fair share of bad ones too, some extraordinary,  but hundreds of ordinary days. Yet it has been good experiencing life’s stories together. It hasn’t always been easy. It still isn’t. It is work, and it is worth it. Doing life together with a spouse or kids, friend or family, with anyone in our life space makes us aware of our self-focused tendency to look out for ourselves and our need to love one another more.

As we approach our 55th in June, Don and I adamantly agree on one thing: the most important thing in life is relationships. Accumulating stuff just doesn’t matter that much anymore. Jesus said it first, that the main thing in life is to love God and to love those around us (our neighbors).

“‘You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important: Love your neighbor as yourself.”                                                 Matthew 22:37,38 NLT

My closest neighbor for the past 20,000 days has been Don. It is still a daily challenge to love him as I do myself. But he and I both keep at it.

To celebrate this day, we offer this gift to you.  It is an idea we heard on a vlog from Susan Pierce Thompson. We try to end our day with positive words that help us notice and be thankful to God for the good things. Some nights the exercise takes 30 minutes; others it takes 30 seconds (when all he wants is to go to sleep). We have also had fun using the exercise on evenings with friends. I hope you will try it to enhance your relationships.

Take turns finishing these 3 phrases:

  1. What went well today…
  2. What I appreciate about you…
  3. What I want…

Here is what I say to my best friend Don as I finish this 20,000th day with you: What went well today was getting this blog posted. What I appreciate is that you told me you like the roasted cauliflower. I love your compliments. What I want are many more days loving God and loving people with you.

So how about your day? Will you share your thoughts with someone close by?


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