Big Red Is Dead

  It was a spectacular grand finale. Big Red hit an ice patch, skidded sideways, spun 360°, plowed through a ditch, rolled over and landed on its wheels in a farmer’s field. What a ride! Don had a front row seat. Thankfully only Big Red was totaled. Don walked away with only a sore back. … Continue reading Big Red Is Dead

Honor Your Spouse (#4 of 7)

We often bump into each other in that tight space called family. It’s a great space to learn how to be less self-centered and how to honor others.  I’ve been working on honoring my hubby for almost 50 years and this is still a daily challenge: Her husband can trust her and she will greatly … Continue reading Honor Your Spouse (#4 of 7)

Training Little Kiddos to Be Enjoyable (#2 of 7)

Are your kids fun to live with? A few kids come that way out of the womb-- very few.  Others need training.  If I could turn the clock back, I would try create a more positive fun environment in our home when we had our four little kiddos running around.  I read in Ephesians 6:4: … Continue reading Training Little Kiddos to Be Enjoyable (#2 of 7)

1. Enjoy Life (# 1 of 7 Things I Wish I’d Focused on at Age 30)

“Are you fun to live with?“ I asked at a Mom2Mom Banquet last week. Young moms are still telling me how they pondered that question all week.  What would your answer be? God first asked me this question 40 years ago when I read it in a chapter title of some book.  God pops the … Continue reading 1. Enjoy Life (# 1 of 7 Things I Wish I’d Focused on at Age 30)

Lovin’ the Apple – the Mac

Our boys were fascinated with computers back when they bought the first PC from Radio Shack.  I decided years ago that if I had any hopes of communicating with our sons who would become engineers and computer techies, it would be a "must" to keep up with changing technology.  At age 64 I made the … Continue reading Lovin’ the Apple – the Mac

Surprise 10:10

I love surprises.  Although the world’s huge problems and my personal challenges try to steal my peace and destroy my quality of life, I have found that tucked away in each day are neat surprises, little events that bring me joy when I take time to focus on them. One of the most impactful little … Continue reading Surprise 10:10

The Joy Journal (pt 3) — Our Little Ruffins

A picture often speaks without words.  Could you guess that 1) this big brother loves his little sissy and 2) he also loves being in control?“ There is an old proverb, "The palest ink is better than the sharpest memory,” and it is true.  We thought we'd NEVER forget ____,  but the memory faded.  Thank … Continue reading The Joy Journal (pt 3) — Our Little Ruffins