Bumping Bullet # 2

So how is it going in your tight space called “a home” with your people to bump into called    “family”? As I blogged about “Bumping Into Each Other,” I had a couple more "bumping bullets" to share that Don and I have learned over the past 50 years together. Bumping Bullet # 2:  Learn … Continue reading Bumping Bullet # 2

Bumping Into Each Other # 1

God placed us in a tight space and called it “a home” and gave us people to bump into and called them  “family.”    I think it was part of His design to help us learn to love other people as we bump into each other in ways that reveal how much we love ourselves … Continue reading Bumping Into Each Other # 1

Honor Your Spouse (#4 of 7)

We often bump into each other in that tight space called family. It’s a great space to learn how to be less self-centered and how to honor others.  I’ve been working on honoring my hubby for almost 50 years and this is still a daily challenge: Her husband can trust her and she will greatly … Continue reading Honor Your Spouse (#4 of 7)

Life in the Fast Lane – 7 Things I Wish I’d Focused on at Age 30

Being chronologically credentialed (older), I had the pleasure of speaking to moms of young children at a Mom2Mom Mentoring Banquet this week. In preparation, I let my mind wander back to those hectic days when I was 30 with four small children under the age of 6 and jotted down 7 things I wished I’d … Continue reading Life in the Fast Lane – 7 Things I Wish I’d Focused on at Age 30

An Extraordinarily Ordinary Birthday

When I was 17, loving Don was simple. I was thinking of him all day long, wanting to be with him, talk with him, please him, do things for him, and enjoy him. He was the love of my life. He still is! So on his 68th birthday, I decided to celebrate this extraordinary man … Continue reading An Extraordinarily Ordinary Birthday

Flaming Boxes pt. 2

"No, don't burn my boxes!" I cried out as the flames echoed back, “Too late.” My last blog detailed our battle when Don threw away the boxes I was saving.  This blog asks a question:  "When we disagree, how can we talk things over and connect so we both feel closer to each other, not … Continue reading Flaming Boxes pt. 2

Battle of the Boxes

Imagine it—a big disagreement on launch day of my blog featuring a glowing 49th anniversary tribute to Don. It must be a “show and tell” moment showing that a healthy marriage is ongoing hard work, just like maintaining a healthy body, not that I am an expert on either topic. However, I am chronologically credentialed … Continue reading Battle of the Boxes