55 Years Together

I remember that hot day in June & the sweat dripping off Don’s nose (no AC) as we first knelt before God, as partners for life.

At 18 & 19, we couldn’t have imagined all the trials that lay ahead. Nor could we have dreamed of all the joy and victories we would have as an ordinary couple on a wild adventure with an extraordinary God.

I am still working on my hubby’s anniversary present, the 1st copy of my book recounting our journey. “Never-Ending GodStories” hopefully to be on Amazon by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, God keeps teaching us both how to love well. Thank you, Lord, for the amazing gift of our life together with You. What a ride!

6 thoughts on “55 Years Together

  1. Hi Cathy:

    It’s one of those sweat dripping down your nose kind of days here so as you recounted your wedding day, I had a sense that I was right there too. Congratulations to you both! I love your stories and your love for God and just the fact that you and Don are every day down to earth Jesus loving people. I sure do miss you both! And I’m looking forward to the release of your book! May I get your signature on it when I get mine?!

    Love you my friend!


    Anna Frank, PA-C

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