Happy 65th

Today is my 65th birthday. But wait—don’t post Happy Birthday yet. I’ve been tootling around the earth almost 75 years. So whattzup? Today I am celebrating my spiritual birthday, the day when my spirit was born again as I invited Jesus to come live inside me. I was 9 years old.  Did I understand what it … Continue reading Happy 65th

How About You ?

Warm and sunny — sounds good to me❣️ How about you?  We like to visit sunny Texas in the winter to enjoy our daughter Jenny and her family, not to mention escaping the cold for a few weeks. This morning as I sat looking out at our 11° day in IL, I saw a picture of how … Continue reading How About You ?

Goodbye for Now, Sis

Feb 24, 2016 Last night my precious sister Becky Clark slipped out of her body and left this world. My first thoughts of her this morning made me laugh as I saw her running in a field with Jesus, in a new vibrant pain-free body, enjoying her next life. Then the tears began as I … Continue reading Goodbye for Now, Sis

Truck Buck$

Remember how Don rolled his truck? That first week we were praising God that Don had survived. Then a series of trials hit us, and we were visibly shaken. Don’s back was throbbing, and I wasn’t well, and my precious sister died along with some other major hits. Don and I even began re-thinking our … Continue reading Truck Buck$

A Trip to the Dentist

This is on my "Top 10 Things I Dread" list. When the throbbing toothache came, I did not suspect I would have a new crown and have spent $1200, all by noon the next day. But to my surprise, my costly trip to the dentist turned out to be quite enjoyable, thank God. He is … Continue reading A Trip to the Dentist

Big Red Is Dead

  It was a spectacular grand finale. Big Red hit an ice patch, skidded sideways, spun 360°, plowed through a ditch, rolled over and landed on its wheels in a farmer’s field. What a ride! Don had a front row seat. Thankfully only Big Red was totaled. Don walked away with only a sore back. … Continue reading Big Red Is Dead