Battle of the Boxes

Imagine it—a big disagreement on launch day of my blog featuring a glowing 49th anniversary tribute to Don. It must be a “show and tell” moment showing that a healthy marriage is ongoing hard work, just like maintaining a healthy body, not that I am an expert on either topic. However, I am chronologically credentialed with 68 years of experience working on both areas.

Boxes. It was all about empty boxes. How can little things become so big?  For weeks (or months) I had been collecting empty boxes to someday carry our unneeded treasures to a friend’s house for a yard sale.  They were piled in “just throw it in the garage” space.  Then my “everything in its place” husband got tired of my treasure mountain and announced the empty boxes were headed to the burn pile.

“No, don’t burn my boxes. I’m going to do a yard sale.”  My cries went unheeded as the boxes went up in smoke and my garage transformed into neat stacks.  Two days later my friend and I set the date for the yardsale – in two weeks.  Now I need my boxes, really.

Then came the conversation.  Our recent goal has been to be able to disagree in such a way that when we have talked things over, we are closer to each other, not farther away.  It is work, hard work. I’ll explain more later.  But right now I have to take something to the garage.

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