Big Bertha

Here she is, a fine successor to Big Red whose remains were buried in the junk yard this week after he and Don slid off the icy road and rolled over.truck
Our truck search is over. I had created a wish list of all Don wanted in a truck (below) so I could help him comb the Internet. We prayed, googled, scouted the lots and papers, and even made a 2 hour road trip to check out candidates.
Too short…not strong enough…too worn out or too classy…not healthy or too gassy…none fit the bill. That ideal truck seemed scarcer to find than hen’s teeth.
A friend mentioned to Don, “I’ve got a truck you might be interested in. Come take a look.” So one afternoon we moseyed across the back yard to Richard’s shed, expecting yet another reject.
There she sat –Big Bertha.
As the guys talked, I began checking items off:

Don’s Wish List
F250 or F350 4 wheel drive ✔
7.3 Diesel engine ✔
Extended or crew cab ✔
Long bed ✔
Year 2000 or newer ✔
<200,000 miles ✔
Under $14,000 ✔
In good shape ready to roll (oops, I mean use) ✔
Located nearby✔
Good looking (my addition) ✔

We ✔’d off every single item. Our truck had been sitting over at the neighbor’s, 100 yards away, just waiting for us to pick her up, (definitely nearby). Once again we were in awe of God’s help in our everyday challenges of life.
Thank you, God, for Big Bertha. May she live a healthy, productive, and long life at the Vincent Homestead.

Cathy Vincent's photo.
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