Here We Go Again

bjgred“I just rolled my truck. Could you come get me?” Don’s voice was shakey, hopefully  due to the 5° Wednesday cold spell. I bundled up and drove a couple miles down our icy road where I spied Big Red standing in the field. The front windshield, tools and truck bed contents were strung out all over the ground.

I was relieved to see Don slowly walking toward me. He explained, “I hit an icy patch and my truck began sliding out of control. It spun around 360°and the next thing I knew I was through the ditch and everything went flying as the truck rolled over. It landed upright in the field. But I think I’m fine.” His back was hurting and I was shaken, but we both felt calm and peaceful. God had walked us through a lot of trials like this one over the years.

A passerby had called 911, and soon an ambulance whisked Don to the ER. The X-rays didn’t reveal any major damage, but the doctor warned him to expect some serious pain for a few days.

We texted family and friends to pray for swift healing and a good outcome from a seemingly bad day. Don’s back pain lightened as the prayers and encouragements flooding in:

“’Wow, what an incredible story of protection…Crazy-life is so fragile…He’s a walking miracle AGAIN…So happy he’s able to snore tonight!… His typically over-engineered ladder rack may have saved his life!!! Made a nice roll bar…He looks really good for rolling a truck…Yikes! Angels all around…Oh my. Thank you, Jesus for sparing Don again…There’s another chapter for Grandma’s book…What a rough way to get a new truck…Don, Don, Don.

Not only were the texts comforting and impactful; they helped us put things in focus. It slowly dawned on us how God had protected us from a day which could have ended much differently. Instead, we lay together in our warm bed, holding hands and thanking God, as we drifted off to a good night’s sleep.

I was hoping Don would take it easy the next day. Fat chance. With only a couple of pain pills, he was back working in his welding shop all day. It’s hard to keep a good man down.

“I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done. I will be filled with joy because of you.” Psalm 9:1,2

We all have bad days. Do you have a story where God orchestrated a good ending to a bad day?


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