The Joy Journal (pt 2) — The K’s

“Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged.” Prov 17:6  What joy they bring!  Here is part two of my Joy Journal blog with our second family of grandkids, the K’s — Kelsey, Kasey & Kassidy

KELSEY H, age 18
♦ Kelsey (age 3) was watching Beauty and the Beast at the moment where the beast transforms into a prince with all the sparkles and music. Kelsey looks up at her mother and confidently says, “God did that, didn’t he?”

♦ Our daughter Jenny was a bit cranky one evening after a very long hard day mothering. Kelsey (3), lounging on the bed with her dad, commented, “Daddy, I think Mommy needs a nap, don’t you?

♦ Even at age 6, she asked some very challenging questions: “If I fall and crack my head, will all my thoughts fall out?… If there are tubes in my arms that blood goes through, does it stop when I bend my arm?… Does God love everyone? Does He love the devil?  Hmmm.

 KASEY H, age 16

♦ Two year old Kasey came out of the bathroom trying with all she could muster to sob uncontrollably. She was carrying an open copy of  our daughter Jenny’s bathroom reader: “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” Isn’t that how Mommy read it?

♦ During one of their visits to our house, I had prayed the Lord would touch them powerfully with God’s spirit. We adults had some special God conversations, and after they went home, our daughter called to say that she had walked by the bathroom and overheard Kasey (2) commenting about something, “I think that was the Lord.”   (Hopefully that offsets the mamaw juice role modeling from my previous blog.)

♦ In 2nd grade Kasey came home with all A’s on her report card except for one S for satisfactory in science, a subject not graded. Kasey was devastated, and when Jenny tried to console her that S was good. Kasey exclaimed, “No, Mommy, it is really bad – A B C D E F G H …S?????”

KASSIDY H, age 14
♦ Kassidy (age 2) said, “Mommy I live here because I love you,” confident that she was the one in charge. I wonder where she’d live if she didn’t love Jenny???

♦ Later as Jenny I were trying to talk on the phone, Jenny stopped and said, “Kassidy, quit your screaming” to which Kassidy replied, “I am not screaming. I am crying.”

♦ When Kassidy was four, she took her usual leisurely playtime bath in our tub with all her little action figures. The next day, I heard Don in the shower, “Call and see if Kassidy knows anything about what might be plugging up the drain. When asked, Kassidy informed us, “I know lots of things, but I don’t know what is down Grandpa’s drain.”

  My final blog from the Joy Journal will be about our little Ruffins who are coming tomorrow for a mini-grandkid kamp for 3 days before starting kindergarten and 2nd grade next week.  No doubt, I will have a few additions to make to our Joy Journal.  Joy!

6 thoughts on “The Joy Journal (pt 2) — The K’s

    • Thanks Jon. You and Patti are great listeners. Thanks for being with us over the years. Mini grandkid camp 2012 was sparse in number but great in quality. I just blogged about it in pt 3 of joy journal. Blessings.


  1. So sweet! I need to get better about writing down some of the gems that pop out of their mouths, but for now I use Facebook to records their quote of the day every once in awhile!


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