The Joy Journal (pt 1) — The T’s

When our grandkids were toddling around, keeping their mommas more than occupied, I decided I would jot down some of our favorite moments to remember. I began chronicling them, especially grandkid moments, in a notebook called the Joy Journal.

Come chuckle with me as you read some snippets from my Joy Journal below about our delightful seven grandkids who, although much older now, are still making very precious moments to remember. Thank you, Lord.

I thought I would share my  joy journal snippets in 3 blogs, one for each family, beginning today with the T’s.

TAYLOR V. (now age 21)

♦ Taylor was a little Shirley Temple with a headful of blonde ringlets and a smile that melted even the stranger’s hearts. For several years she sang all day long and spread sunshine with her cheery phrases like “D’ad be nice,” which our entire family still fondly says. Taylor didn’t like to talk on the phone at 2, and after my hello I would hear “luv you bye” and click. I still often end my calls with “luv you bye” (even one time accidentally to a boss.)

♦ But there was also that infamous phrase she coined which still embarrasses me when my kids want to have fun at my expense. At a gas station Taylor (2) recognized Miller Lite cans in the cooler and exclaimed, “mamaw juice.” Not!  Thanks, Taylor.

TOBY V. (now age 17)
♦ Mommy Kristi was reading a book to Toby and Taylor explaining how babies come from God in heaven and then mommies give birth to them here on earth. Kristi said to Taylor, “Do you remember when Toby was born and you went to Grandma’s to stay while Mommy was in the hospital?”

The T’s Toby and Taylor

Toby scowled at Kristi, “Mommy, that’s not fair. Taylor got to go to Grandma’s and I had to stay in heaven?” Only with grandkids do we have the honor of being ranked right up there with God.

♦ Another time when Kristi explained to little Toby that he just couldn’t go with her to a Pampered Chef Party, he said, “whose house is it at?” Kristi said, “It’s at Judy’s house.”

Toby replied, “Oh, I could go. I know her, Judy and the Beast.”

O the joys of grandkids!  I have more, the adventures of the  K’s and our little ruffins later this week.

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