To our 7 in school…

Today for the first time ever,  all 7 of our grandkids are in school, the only year this will happen.

Some are beginning— kindergarten for Raquel, high school for Kassidy, and college for Kelsey.

Some are finishing — high school for our senior, Toby, and college for his sister, Taylor.

The K’s begin in 4 new schools in Texas (including their 4th grade teacher Momma Jenny.)

This morning I prayed for each one of them and sent the 5 in high school and college a quick text;  4 of them texted me back, and I was glad to know they have an ear to hear what Grandma might say. So this special post is for our 7 wonderful grandkids (and you can read it too if you like.)

Our dearest grandkids,

You will make lots of choices this year, and we am praying that you make wise ones.  From the view of 69 years down the road, I am keenly aware of how simple little choices can have a large impact on the rest of our lives. Choice is one of God’s amazing gifts to us humans, and I pray you use this gift wisely as choices often mushroom into consequences that can last for years, even a lifetime.

One of the most important choices is who you choose to hang out with, your best friends. It is true that we become like the people we spend time with, so be nice to everyone but take time to choose your close friends carefully.

And remember to take time to hang out with your best friend ever who is always there for you; Jesus is waiting for you to talk to him and ask his help in any situation.

We love you and pray for great choices, great favor, and great joy as you learn this school year.

We count ourselves very blessed to have every one of  you as our grandchildren.    

Grandma and Grandpa Vincent

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