My 69th

Happy Birthday 2005

“Some celebrations are bittersweet,” a friend remarked.

I am thinking, “You mean like having a 69th birthday?”

I’m in denial that I will soon be 70 – that sounds kinda old to me. Could there be a typo on my birth certificate?

I choose to see myself as a skin wrapped vessel of the Holy Spirit, not a 69 year old woman with limited energy and health challenges.

To celebrate  69 years of life,   I’d like to share 6 questions and 9 discoveries from my journey.


  1. Will Don ever take me on a cruise?
  2. When will I complete my 2 bucket list items: finish my book and lose this excess weight? At the rate I am going, I may have to live (and stay sharp) until I am 102 years old.
  3. How do I simplify, as God has directed, in my day to day living?
  4. Why oh why don’t I pray more when I’ve witnessed over and over what a powerful difference praying makes?
  5. Will there will be chocolate and bacon in heaven?  Just wondering.
  6. How can I best bring glory to God in each day of life that I have left?


  1. Stuff doesn’t really matter much in the big scheme of life. What really matters is relationships – with people and God.     “That which I long for becomes that to which I belong.”    A Minute of Margin  
  2. My family is one of God’s most priceless gifts here on earth, and I am going to take time to enjoy them fully.
  3. Life is so much better if you get out of debt, stay out of debt by spending less than you make and not buying anything on credit (but your house), & if you save for the future because someday the future becomes the present.
  4. Things are not as them seem. True reality is invisible to the eye, only revealed by knowing God intimately.
  5. I still have a lot to learn so I will continue to read, to study, and to share. I plan to ask lots more questions and do lots more listening.
  6. Life is not fair, but God is always good and can redeem anything that happens.
  7. There is nothing like a good book or a good friend to give life new sparkle. Each person has a remarkable story to share.
  8. Even when I have pain, I don’t have to be one. Being fun to live with is a choice.
  9. Whether life is good or bad, one thing is for certain—it will change.

If you want to help me celebrate my birthday, I’d love to hear your comment on which # above resonates with what you have discovered.

7 thoughts on “My 69th

  1. Cathy I hope that Don will take you on a cruise. As most of them are awesome. We went several years ago to Hawaii and I will never forget it. Hawaii was definately created by God. How beautiful…. I also agree with your number 5 in the 6 questions. Two of my favorite things and I am not suppose to have either of them. On the discoveries I am with you on #1, #2, #3, #7, #8 and #9.
    Cathy I sure hope you have a super great Birthday on your last of your 60’s and I am sure you will with that lovely family that you have. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from an old old old friend (who yesterday was 20) from years gone by…….. Where did they all go…. Who would have thought back in 1961 when we were young and dumb and havig a time of our lives that would live to the next century.
    One again HAPPY BIRTHDAY have a great one….. Wish I could share it with you!


  2. Happy Birthday, Cathy! I love all that you posted & share similar thoughts, but #1, 4, & 6 stick out to me the most. #1 – Love God & love people…seems pretty high up there as to what is most important. #4 – His ways are high above ours for sure! I love it when He reveals something that helps me understand better. #6 – Yes! I have peace & hope in many undesirable situations because of that truth! Thanks for sharing your thoughts & wisdom. You are an amazing woman!


  3. Cathy, #1 really resonates with me. I hope Don takes you on a cruise! :-D.

    I do agree with all of your points. Your #1 point under Discoveries has been an important reality to me lately as we have recently been in the process of moving and getting rid of stuff. Stuff is not important at all in the grand scheme of things. It is relationships that matter — relationships with family, relationships with people and my relationship with God. And that point leads easily to several of your other thoughts — the importance of family and the need to simplify in our daily living. As I think of daily living, your comment that life is not fair, but that God is good and can redeem anything that happens is exactly right. And whether life is bad or good, it will definitely change!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us on your birthday. What a gift to us! I hope you have an incredible day today. And speaking of all of the thoughts on how important relationships are, we need to get together soon! Love you!!


  4. Hey Cathy! Love what all you wrote! Regarding question #5, is that chocolate wrapped in bacon? And as far as discoveries, #1,3,5 struck keys in me. Just finished “The Ultimate Cheapskate” who reiterated stuff and debt rob life and happiness. And, I’m so more and more overwhelmed for our redeeming God. Who else takes worthless ashes and life’s crap that no one else would ever buy, redeems them and promises to give something of incredible value in their place.


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